The Bridesmaids

The Bridesmaids is the indie-pop group of Leah Paul, the music on their new album “Forever” is defined by rich melodic layers of flutes, horns, organs, percussion, guitars, and female voices. The lush orchestration and melodic hooks bring to mind Belle & Sebastian, David Bowie, and Broadcast.

If the Bridesmaids take off like they should, Leah Paul can likely anticipate lots of puns about the marriage of sounds…the Bridesmaids bouncy melodies would be hard to top.

Arianna Stern,

Led by ace flute and reed player Leah Paul, the Bridesmaids indie-rock smarts to brassy Motown muscle.

Time Out NY

Amatuerish charm still works…Paul barely fusses over vocals, which sound one-take and ingenuous, like some 80s British twee-poppers of K Records bands.

JACK RABID, The Big Takeover




Flutes, Lead Vocals, Organ, Song-Writing & Arranging: Leah Paul, Horns: Stuart Bogie & Eric Biondo (Antibalas, TV on the Radio), Drums: Brian Chase (Yeah Yeah Yeah’s,) Jared Schonig, Fred Thomas, Backing Vocals: Lara Meyerratken (Ben Lee, Luna), Strings: Jessica Pavone (Vampire Weekend, Anthony Braxton), Guitars: Luke O’Malley (Antibalas, The Roots,) Fred Thomas, Trumpet, Co-Production: Michael Leonhart (Steely Dan, Lenny Kravitz), Bass Guitar: Fred Thomas, Jessica Pavone
leah paul
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Thin Skinned

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Dream the Day Away

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The Space in Between

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